Save the Pitch

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If the community is passionate enough about saving Pitch card what can we do to allow it to continue?

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Launch a Kickstarter.

Maybe there are ways to tie in other services that might make it viable. For example a job board with easy on boarding from pitch success through to putting a team together. Could charge $25 a pop or something similar. Another might be mentoring. Could you subscribe and get access to a community of people who could buddy up and mentor one another and come together to discuss issues - perhaps in slack or some other type of closed forum.

Really great idea! I would definitely help establish something like that, like a mastermind.

Maybe make Founders pay to send a newsletter to all investors interested by the pitch.

We already have that feature but it's not used very often.

Let's donate to keep the servers up!!

We tried that in the early days of Pitchcard but just a few people were willing to donate. It was by far not enough to keep it running. Most people expect everything is free - damn you Facebook, Google and others.

Yeah, I hate that expectation! I ran into that too. JW How much does it cost each month? Maybe if we all chip in..

And what is problem? Why is it closing? To expensive servers? Too much moding time?

The problem is the costs in term of time we need to improve and keep it running and the costs of the infrastructure.

Sad to hear. How much $ do you need monthly?

$75.-/month for the server, but the time we spend on improving, is way higher.

What if you open-source to let others helping on code like Reddit do? Maybe you can try non-intrusive ad to get some money?

Head on over to and buy some pitch dollars ! :)

Not a bad idea!

Thanks guys, we really appreciate your support.