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After susbcribing to a newsletter, you'll receive fresh issues since that day. In some cases, it's nice to receive issues starting at the very first. Like if you subscribed months ago. I need that.

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Is this like an autoresponder? ( Except you would need each new fresh issues to that autoresponder queue?

yes exactly, @nicolasdaudin! :-) do you know any service that I could use to do that?

yep: I've tried AWeber, and i don't recommend it - it's "old-fashioned". I'm still using it, but soon will migrate to ActionContact (which seems pretty powerful to make autoresponder based on behavior and conditional logic, which I might need in a close future) Also Mailchimp is pretty good, intuitive - that would be my advice for your case! (I can explain to you how to set it up and use it)

you can do this with mailchimp? :-O I'd love to read/watch a tutorial on that! but I'm surprised that everybody finds mailchimp intuitive! imo it's a big useless mess for the simple things I need it to do!

well maybe it's intuitive to me, because I already know how it "works" and because Aweber is ugly. but yes, you can do it... it's a paid feature, maybe thats why you didn't find it! this tuto doesn't seem too bad : in mailchimp this is called "automation" and you should use the "welcome series" one i can also show you next week, needless to say

awesome, thank you my friend!