Tinder for Gifts

An app to help someone decide which gift to buy to someone else, by inviting her to swipe YES or NO through a list of selected gift ideas. Useful for picking the right Christmas presents for family!

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Gifts are proposed by other users or by the app itself?

Gift ideas would be proposed by the person who want to offer a gift. But, it would also be great if the app could also suggest gifts, especially if the person has too few ideas, and/or if the recipient did not like any of the gift ideas.

It's nearly the same as https://www.pitchcard.io/c/rJfgDTlkg if I understand, except suggestions come from the person who asks for help and people who helps him to choose. Maybe ask @lailo and build this idea together! :)

Good catch! I had upvoted it too! ^^ I'll definitely talk about this with lailo, thanks for making the link between our two cards, Satwaya!

I like they way you extend the idea I had. 👍 The problem i see here is that the user has to figure out what the others like. I think that is exactly the biggest pain point. It would be better UX if you would figure out via tinder style what products the family members like. Then recommend 3 products to the user which he could buy the family members.

so you mean that the tinder-like selection would be used by the buyer, instead of by the receiver of the gift?

No, the buyer would signup and send invite to all receivers. They open the link and they start voting on different products with tinder style. The algorithm figures out more and more about what the receiver likes. After some time the receiver is done with voting and the buyer gets and email with 3 products to choose from.

That's a way to do it. => Barrier: give a good incentive for the receivers to actually sign up and take some time to pick unfiltered (and thus irrelevant) gift ideas, whereas the person who initially wanted to use the system (i.e. the one who is most motivated to use the system) has barely anything to do but send invites.