Doozyrama Map (now iOS only)

Crowdsourcing map, that reflects people' interaction with the world around (tracks where you literally have been) and contains places added by Experts and people. Alternative to existing Maps.

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Can you develop your idea? Is it like Foursquare?

Hi! The app is already available. The only thing it has in common with Foursquare is CHECK IN functionality. The main idea of our map - to show people's interaction with the world around (map is visible only in areas where user has already been with the app, other parts are hidden under the fog) and give people ability to share their passion with other people by creating thematic accounts (for ex, you know a lot about Paris history -> you add historical places to the map -> people follow your content and updates). So, our map motivates people to discover the city and contains only places that worth to be on the map according to people.

Oh, it's really interesting this way! :)

Too bad you don't have an Android version yet, I would have tried it. Sounds like my "local fun facts" idea.