Forkable Olark/Intercom chat box for your website

Embedding a contact/chat box on your website is a great way to listen and communicate with your users. Proposed alternative: an open-source widget that you can customize and host for free on Heroku.

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I was searching for something like this, but the problem is that I have to run an extra server for this tool. If you find a smart solution where I don't have this problem - you rocked it!

Well if you can get it to run on a heroku instance, you don't have to much to care much about that extra server. If you want it to stay up all day it costs just $8/month. Otherwise, it could be just one more docker container running on your current server.

Oh maybe I didn't understand what exactly was you problem about that extra server?

You need a DB too, to save the history, and then you need someone to keep it running if it crashes, and, and, ... Let's make it simple like: Create a new Firebase app, add the keys to your JS code and it works.

yeah firebase is a solution! concerning the db, you don't necessarily need one, i.e. you can directly send messages by email => the back-end is only needed to send the email.