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Sometimes you need quickly drop a feedback for a Couchsurfer, ebay seller, Upwork freelancer etc. Feedback Generator is here to help. It's a free collecion of thoughtful feedbacks.

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How do you keep these from appearing inauthentic to site moderators or automated fraud detection? The repetition might trigger alarm on some sites.

Hi Benjamin! Good point. I'm pretty sure there will be zero problems until one starts to furiously spam

I had a similar issue recently. I needed to write a short bio for a profile and didn't want to overthink it, it would be useful to have an adlib pbio generator based off of keywords. I believe Linked in has such a feature, but it's not so applicable to networks outside of Linked In.

The idea is pretty simple so I've already created a beta: Would be awesome to hear a feedback.

Pure genius! 🌈 excellent and well thought through.