Allow users to vote for features/bugs on Github

Github Projects is a great tool for prioritizing issues to work on. But when there are too many, it would be great to allow some users (e.g. paying) to vote for the most important ones for them.

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Why don't you use trello voting addon for this?

because I prefer to have my "issues" in github. => link between commits and issues (example of commit message: "fix bug on Win10. closes #11.") #everythinginoneplace

but it could make sense to sync a Github Project with a Trello board for that. something I didn't think about. have you even used Trello's voting feature for this use case?

btw, do you know if it's possible for any Github user to submit an issue to my public repo (, and/or thru its Project page ( without being declared as a contributor?

I tried Trello voting but the problem is that a user needs to have a Trello account and is a huge deal breaker. Some companies have even public roadmaps via Trello boards. To sync Trello with Github, you could use the Github power-up in Trello or use for that. This worked out very well for me. About the github issue: I have no clue how to do this.

Thank you for these insights, Lailo, I appreciate your help! I will keep thinking about what's the best solution to get my users involved with the roadmap of my products! I'm very open to your ideas on this topics, if you have any to share, anytime! Have a great weekend!