Canned replies for any app

Reply the same thing over and over again (e.g. to ebay buyers or carpooling candidates) is boring. What if your phone's keyboard could pre-fill your answer, based on the question displayed on screen?

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Interesting! I can see it being usefull. My system is to have a "Templates" page in OneNote with several different emails/messages types. It is organized with Hashtags, like #newclient #feedbackRestaurant #feedbackCoffeeShop #declineEvent #scheduleMeeting :)

nice workflow! do you also use it from your phone? if so, how long does it actually take to switch to onenote, find the template, customize it, and then switch back to your messaging app in order to send it? (i'm genuinely curious about that)

Timed 3 times. Took an average of 35 seconds.

i must admit that this is impressive!