A Google-Inbox-inspired task management UI (i.e. with bundles and snooze) that also allows manual re-ordering of tasks.

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looks nice => will try! thx

Did you want to do an app like ? This one its not actually compliant with Google Inbox :)

I actually had something much simpler in mind: re-use Google Inbox's UI (with bundles, snooze, etc...), but with tasks instead of emails.

its funny i see so much potential and awesome in the google inbox concept but it feels like either they arent spending much time developing it. every week or two though i try and start using it again before this or that feature and lack thereof pushes me back to the gmail side of life. anyway i think there are a lot of ways it can be improved and in general i think everyone is still looking for a task management solution. great idea though!

I want this! 😍 You should build this. It sounds like "Trello 2.0". 💰💰