On-Demand Party Bus

A party bus, I can hop on/off without booking in advance for 4 hrs, meet new people. It stops at different hotspots, that way I don't have to worry about where to bar hop (and party along the way)

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I've been on party busses before so Its possible. I think of it like public transportation that takes you to hot spots. Like Las Vegas. It just goes up the strip and down the strip and takes you to clubs. You pay a fee to jump on the bus off the bus. I'm wondering if it is considered public transportation. Uber got around some laws (im assuming) because taxis have to have professional licenses, there probably isn't a way around it regarding a party bus

FUDGE YEAH!!!! It could serve alcohol too. This would be epic!! I wonder the legality of serving alcohol on a bus in US. Also curious how much you'd have to charge to make as much profit as they get when they are normally rented out. hmmmm

You can normally rent a party bus for $1000 for a good 4 to 5 hours. I was thinking if you have a set bus route (like public transportation) that has a set route to lets say 10 different bars. Assuming you can get about 30 - 40 people who will bar hop, you could probably transport that many people and charge like $20 for a pass for the night. Definitely would turn up my weekends. I would have to worry about where to go. It's like a whole new experience

30-40 people per hour. I have friends that go out in groups of 5 - 6 so you get a few groups. Could be worth it

Yeah this sounds awesome. What are you going to do about? Going to call up some bus companies and pitch it to them?

The business model is there, I think. If they are used to a ~$1,000/night then all you would need is 50 people at $20/each and that would be so easy. I think they could do well over a $1,000. Especially if they sold drinks on board and stuff.

I'm just wondering why this is currently not being done already lol. I wonder if there is something missing that could be restricting this from happening.

I'm in TX and none of the party bus companies sell booze on the bus but you can bring it on. I think the reason is the liability that comes with it. Also, assume that they don't want their busses messed up because peopel get drunk and what not but I agree there is a model there.